Vixen fox Charm
Vixen fox Charm

Vixen fox Charm

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Vixen fox charm in Sully goat leather.

Made in Belgium.

Dimensions : L6.5 x H10 x D0.2 cm

The screen color might have a slight difference with the product.

Inspired by Vixen the female red fox, mostly present in the northern hemisphere, North America, Europe, Asia, parts of North Africa. Native to western Europe. Known for the ability to quickly adapt to new environment. There are so many folklore and mythology about foxes. The earliest specimen of V.vulpes were uncovered in Hungary dated from 3.4 - 1.8 million years ago.
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Chevre Sully / Sully Goatskin is from farm bred animals and tanned in France. This goat leather is vegtanned with a unique 23 step process. Appearance with slight pebbled texture and firm yet soft in hand. 

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